Saturday, January 3, 2009

TMNT - 5 Star Gba Game

Help the pizza-eating reptiles take down archenemies Shredder and Krang. The criminal superpowers have kidnapped popular newswoman April O'Neil, and now the Turtles have to save the day. Jump, fight, and climb your way to glory, using your skateboard to outrun foes and pull off tricks. Choose your favorite Turtle and try to make it through six grueling levels of inner-city mayhem. You'll see subways, skyscrapers, highways, abandoned buildings, and even the Technodrome before all is said and done. If you can nab enough villains and rescue some innocent friends, you'll get to try your hand at some pizza-pounding bonus rounds. With multiple difficulty levels, this is a great game for everyone. Special Features: Your choice of Turtle; six grueling levels; two powerful archenemies; awesome weapons; one-player action
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  1. I play this game many times and according to me it is very interesting game to play. Players can get the action to play this game.


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